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10 Post Spawn Bass Lures That’ll Dominate Your Day

Exclusive Reveal: These Post Spawn Lures That Will Change Your Bass Fishing Forever

Fellow angler and friend,

It’s that time of year again when the bass spawn comes to an end, leaving us with post-spawn fishing opportunities.

Now, you might be wondering where those big ol’ bass have gone, and we’ve got you covered with our first article on finding those elusive post-spawn bass. But once you find them, what’s next? I’m sure you’re asking what are the best post spawn bass lures to reel ’em in?

That’s where this article comes into play! 

The best lures to use after the spawn depend on many factors, and we’ll cover them all in this post. So grab a cold one, kick back, and let’s talk bass fishing, my friends.

I personally brake down into two categories:

  • Hard baits – A “hard bait,” is your go-to partner when you need a sturdy, reliable lure. Crafted from things like wood, plastic, or even metal. They’re made to look and mimic the shad and other creatures bass can’t resist. They come in various shapes and sizes, from giant deep diving crankbaits to jerkbaits.
  • Soft Baits – On the flip side, “soft plastic baits” are your versatile, adaptable allies in the bass fishing world. They’re squishy, lifelike, and very flexible, often made of plastisol or PVC. They’re great for tempting those finicky bass to bite with their irresistible, natural movement. Soft plastics cover a wide range of lures, including worms, creature baits, and swimbaits. You can rig’em up in countless ways, making them an essential part of your tackle box during the post-spawn.

Just as a heads up we know the post spawn season quickly comes and goes. With this in mind, my team and I published a quick-read review of 5 Best Bass Lures Every Angler Must Own, or you can opt to read the complete report, Bass Fishing Lures: A Complete Guide. Over the past several years my team and I also tested and reviewed a variety of products, including best bass fishing rod, best bass fishing line, best tackle bag and even best fish finder for bank fishermen!

For more information, see the comparison table and buying advice below.

But be warned! Go through this blueprint slowly and carefully so you don’t miss any suggestions that could cost you.

Topwater Tactics

Topwater tactics can be thrilling and highly effective when targeting post spawn bass. Watching a bass explode on your lure is an adrenaline-pumping experience that keeps anglers coming back for more.

Let’s take a closer look at some specific topwater lures and the brands that produce them:


Booyah Buzzbait

Click on the picture to learn more!

I’ve been using the Booyah Buzzbait for both largemouth and smallmouth bass in rivers, creeks, and lakes, and I must say, it’s my go-to lure for shallow water fishing.

The unique head design allows it to plane quickly, getting right into the strike zone. With its clacker and blade creating an irresistible commotion, bass can’t help but strike.

One of my favorite tactics is to cast it downstream and retrieve it slowly, just fast enough to keep it on the surface.

Though a downstream presentation is generally considered unconventional, I believe the slow movement relative to the bottom drives the bass wild.

The buzzbait produces a fantastic gurgle, whether slow-rolled or retrieved at top speed.

Overall, the Booyah Buzzbait has become a staple in my tackle box, and I highly recommend it to fellow anglers looking to catch more bass in various conditions.

Tech Specs:

Walking Baits

Heddon Zara Super Spook

Click on the picture to learn more!

The Heddon Zara Super Spook has become one of my absolute favorite topwater lures.

This legendary walking bait boasts a side-to-side “walk-the-dog” action that imitates wounded baitfish, triggering explosive strikes from aggressive post spawn bass. I’ve caught bass of all sizes with it, making it perfect for evening topwater fishing.

This lure works great in shallow and moderate depths, drawing fish from 15′ to 25′ with its action. It’s easy to walk, and even when a fish misses it, speeding up the retrieve to mimic a fleeing baitfish often draws another strike.

It’s my most consistent topwater lure, and I always have extras in my tackle box.

The Zara Spook is a bit of a double-edged sword, though….

Its large hooks can snag just about anything, so I’m always cautious when handling it. Despite being heavy and casting far, the hooks are almost too thick. As a result, I replace the stock hooks with #1/0 Mustad KVD Elite 1X Strong 2X Short Hooks for better performance. With this modification, it remains a reliable, budget-friendly option for my arsenal.

Tech Specs:

Lucky Craft Sammy 105

Click on the picture to learn more!

The Lucky Craft Sammy has become a staple in my topwater arsenal in the post spawn, thanks to its smooth action, realistic appearance, and crisp, tight walking action.

It’s perfect for clear water lakes and has helped me catch numerous bass, as well as stripers.

The internal weight system allows for long casts, covering more water and reaching fish that are farther away.

One key difference I’ve noticed compared to other walking baits is that the Sammy sits more vertically in the water. This subtle feature makes it walk better and seem more enticing when paused.

I’ve found that I get more hits on the Sammy than on a Zara Spook, making the extra cost worth it – especially since it’s not likely to be lost.  Another difference is it has a better rattle chamber and much louder than the Spook. 

The paint job is both wonderful and durable, and the plug is incredibly tough. Even after bouncing it off rocks, it remains crack-free and continues to catch fish.

Additionally, the terminal tackle is top-notch, featuring super sharp hooks and strong split rings.

Overall, the Lucky Craft Sammy is a solid investment for any angler looking for a reliable and effective topwater lure.

Tech Specs:


Rebel Pop-R

Click on the picture to learn more!

The Pop-R is a classic topwater popper that has stood the test of time. 

It’s perfect for targeting bass lurking in grass, weeds, under laydowns or lily pads.

Crafted from a specialized plastic polymer, it boasts two treble hooks, with the rear hook sporting flashy strands of filament that add extra allure.

The Pop R is one of the easiest lures to fish… but you still need to pay attention, a hungry fish could smash it in an instant!

All anglers need to do give the rod a couple of twitches and the bait becomes highly active, and its popping sounds entice bass into striking. 

Priced very reasonably and will not burn a hole into your wallet at all when compared to other floating “Japanese” baits.

This popper proven track record makes it a worthwhile investment for both amateurs and professionals alike.

It’s known for its success in bass tournaments and its ability to draw fish out from hiding spots.

Simply put, the Rebel Pop R makes bass believe they’ve found an easy meal, and that’s why it’s an essential addition to any angler’s arsenal.

Tech Specs:

Prop Baits

Smithwick Devil's Horse

Click on the picture to learn more!

The Smithwick Devil’s Horse is a tried-and-true prop bait with a reputation for catching big bass. It’s been around for ages simply because it works.

Its twin propellers churn up water, creating a disturbance that grabs the attention of nearby bass.

The stop-and-go retrieve, allowing the bait to pause and rest between movements, triggers bites from curious bass.

I’ve found success casting it near cover and letting it sit until the ripple dies down. Twitching it in a 1, 2 cadence with sharp, short twitches creating a “splurkle” that imitates a wounded or dying fish drives bass crazy! The bait barely moves, but the props turn and splash, making it irresistible. 

I like frog patterns around grass, and shad patterns hard structure, but experimenting with different colors can yield better results in various fishing locations.

The Devil’s Horse also works as a fantastic fish locator.

If fish swirl the bait, I follow up with a wacky rig and twitch it where I saw the swirl, often catching the fish.

With its versatility and proven track record, the Smithwick Devil’s Horse is an invaluable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Personally, I recommend replacing the stock hooks with premium #1/0 Mustad KVD Elite 1X Strong 2X Short Hooks for better performance.

Tech Specs:

Crankbaits & Jerkbaits

Crankbaits and jerkbaits can be highly effective for post spawn bass fishing, as they cover a variety of depths and mimic baitfish, one of the primary food sources for bass.

Let’s explore some popular lures in these categories and the brands that produce them:

Lipless Crankbaits

Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap

best lipless crankbaits
Click on the picture to learn more!

Guys, let me tell you about the Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap – As the original lipless crankbait, it’s been hooking fish for years and just keeps getting better with its new hook and rattle design.

Trust me, this lure’s versatility is unmatched, and with all the available sizes and colors.

I’ve found there’s a Rat-L-Trap for every situation.

I’ve found it especially effective in cooler weather around February and March since you can retrieve it fast or slow depending on the water depth.

Truth be told, I’ve seen professional guides and tournament anglers swear by this lure – it’s their go-to bait for all kinds of cover.

Some of my favorite colors are chrome blue back, red, shad, and firetiger…

The chrome blue back works wonders for bass, walleye, pike, and even crappie, while the red version is a must-have for fishing during the spawn and around grass. 

I’ve had success burning it fast along shallows for reaction strikes and yo-yoing it through the water to attract both lethargic and active fish.

But fair warning – make sure you set the hook properly, as Rat-L-Traps have a reputation for getting spit back at you.

All in all, I can’t recommend the Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap enough. Every angler needs to have this classic bait in their arsenal.

Tech Specs:

Traditional Crankbaits

Strike King Pro Model Series 6XD

Click on the picture to learn more!

I’ve been a big fan of this bait for a long time. It’s really put the confidence in my crankbait fishing game and here’s why…

Now, let’s discuss the castability. Man, this crankbait sails through the air like a champ. The weight distribution is spot on, allowing for those long-distance casts we all dream about. No need to worry about backlashes or bird nests with this gem.

On the retrieval side, the Pro-Model 6XD dives down to a respectable 15-17 feet. Moreover, the bill design creates a relatively tight wobble, making it practically irresistible to fish. Can’t argue with results, am I right?

But wait, there’s more. The rattling system in this crankbait is second to none. With a unique blend of high and low frequencies, this baby calls fish in like a dinner bell. You’ll be reeling in bass left and right, trust me.

Now, let’s talk about the color selection. With a smorgasbord of choices, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for any fishing situation.

Some of the most effective shades I’ve tried include the Green Gizzard Shad, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, and Root Beer. Whether you’re dealing with cloudy water or those crystal clear lakes, these colors really make a difference. And let’s not forget the remarkable lifelike design, which features a natural swimming action that can fool even the most skeptical fish.

Durability-wise, this crankbait can withstand a beating. I’ve banged it against rocks, docks, you name it. Still keeps on ticking, no signs of wear and tear. That’s quality craftsmanship right there.

With its lifelike design, exceptional castability, and irresistible wobble, it’s a must-have for any serious angler.

So, in conclusion, if you’re looking to step up your fishing game, the Strike King Pro-Model 5 Crankbait is the real deal.   Give it a shot and watch those lunkers come rolling in. 

Tech Specs:


Megabass Vision 110

Click on the picture to learn more!

Hey fellas, let me tell you about the Megabass Vision ONETEN jerkbait. It’s a game changer in bass fishing, outshining the competition and setting the standard for others to follow. 

The hunchback shape, short lip, and flat sides are perfect for flash and action. Plus, the Multi-Way Moving Balancer System makes it great for cold water bass fishing.

The tungsten weights help with erratic action and suspending, especially in the late winter to early spring.  Just after a spring rain storm and its still a little breezy with scattered clouds… these baits are deadly.

The lifelike scale texture, eyes, and paint job make it a beauty. And with countless color options, you’ll find the perfect match for your lake. 

It’s armed with three size #4 Megabass Katsuage hooks, but as a heads up they can bend.  It may sound like a negative, but its not… these hooks are so sharp with a simple snap of your wrist and a little back pressure these insanely sharp hooks set themselves. 

I want to reiterate – do not set the hook like you’re fishing a flipping jig. It’s a finesse hookset. 

Once hooked all you need to do is guide the fish away from any structure and let it wear itself out.

This is one of the lighter three-hooked jerkbaits that you’ll find at your local tackle shop, weighing only 1/2 ounce.  On the other side of the coin, it’s really easy to cast, because of the weight transfer system built in. 

I strongly recommend using a 6’8” (or longer) rod, medium action with a fast to extra-fast tip. 

You really need that “whippy” style of rod to not only cast the lure a far distance but also to act as a shock absorber.  And most of the time I’ll spool on 8-12 lb fluorocarbon line. 

Some say the bill breaks easily, but avoid smacking it against hard surfaces and you’ll be fine. While the $25-40 price tag might seem steep, it’s worth the investment. You’ll enjoy many great fishing experiences with it.

In conclusion, grab a couple of Vision 110’s – try Pro Blue for clear water, Elegy Bone for stained water, and Kohoku Reaction on stormy days. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Tech Specs:

Soft Plastics

Soft plastic lures are a versatile and effective option for post spawn bass fishing, as they can imitate a variety of natural prey items, from worms to crawfish.

Let’s take a closer look at some popular soft plastic lures and the brands that produce them:

Texas-Rigged Soft Plastics

Gary Yamamoto Senko

Click on the picture to learn more!

If you haven’t tried a 5 inch Yamamoto Senko worm, it’s high time you do, especially during post-spawn fishing.

They’re known for their accurate and swift casts, making them a go-to when other baits fail.

The unique horizontal “shimmy” fall, whether weightless or weighted, coupled with salt impregnation. 

Senkos entices fish to hold on longer, giving you the perfect hook-setting opportunity, especially during the post spawn when the bass are worn out, pressured, and easily spooked. 

Available in a TON colors, these substantial worms boast a more prominent profile than their slender counterparts.  Best of all they’re also proudly made in the USA. 

With a Senko on your line, you can trust that even the most hesitant bass will bite, which is crucial when targeting post-spawn fish that may be less aggressive. 

Though they fall in the upper price range, their effectiveness makes them a worthwhile investment. Just note that they may come with fewer worms per pack compared to other brands.

Give them a shot, and you’ll quickly see why they’re a favorite among anglers.

Tech Specs:

Zoom Brush Hog

Click on the picture to learn more!

The Zoom Brush Hog is a versatile bait that’s a mix of a worm, lizard, and crawfish. 

With a slender body and loads of action, it’s perfect for bass fishing, especially during the lake spring and post spawn period. 

This salt-impregnated bait entices fish to hold on longer for a better hookset.

You can use the Baby Brush Hog to drag along the secondary points and over structures like over laydowns. They can be flipped into tight spaces like holes in a weed bed or to specific dock pilings. 

They come in a variety of colors and glitter flakes make it match any underwater critter in your lake.

I keep bags and bass of these baits because they can be fished year-round. However, where they really shine is during the post spawn when bass are recuperating and looking for an easy meal, or when the fish are pressured and you when you need action without spooking fish.

Rig it Texas-style, they are great either weighted or weedless. They can even be Neko rigged or  Carolina rigged.

The Zoom Baby Brush Hog is a highly popular bait for bass fishing and is a trusted bait in my tackle box. Its effectiveness during the post spawn makes it a go-to choice for me and thousands of anglers like us. Pros swear by it, and once you try it, you’ll see why it’s so effective.

Tech Specs:

Strike King Rage Tail Craw

Click on the picture to learn more!

Strike King has been in business for a long time, and the standard Rage Tail Craw line of baits gives a premium fishing experience during the post spawn.

If you follow anything about fishing, you will definitely hear both professional and amateur fishermen talk about a “rage tail bait” from time to time.

Now Strike King didn’t come up with the high action craw bait, but they did find a way to give the bait even more action – which makes it perfect for stained or muddy water.

This soft plastic lure is shaped and moves like a real crawfish. The simple lean body cuts through the water and the flapping craw arms make a massive amount of turbulence – the bass can literally feel the thumps this bait gives off.

The Rage Tail also comes in a ton of different colors and can mimic nearly anything that lives in your lake that the bass eat.

Tech Specs:

Yamamoto Fat Ika

Click on the picture to learn more!

The Yamamoto Fat Ika, the bass-landin’ ace that’ll turn your post-spawn fishing into a bass-haulin’ bonanza.

Texas rigged, this bad boy becomes a bass-catchin’ machine, perfect for those warm, sunny, late spring days.

What sets the Fat Ika apart is its body density. You don’t need extra weight for this bait. Just rig it on an EWG hook, and its density does the heavy lifting. 

And here’s the kicker: rig it backward, with the hook through the tentacle end, and you’ll get a killer action that bass can’t resist.

This bait works its magic to when you target specific stuctures such as docks, standing vegetation and submerged structures (like standing timber or laydowns).

The Fat Ika dives nose-first into your target banging it’s way down like a critter fleeing for the rocks at the bottom of the lake. 

Now, we ain’t talkin’ light line technique here. You’ll need 10- to 12-pound fluorocarbon or even 16- to 20-pound fluoro for heavier cover. But man, the results are worth it!

Color-wise, green pumpkin is a no-brainer. That reaction bite? Unbeatable. Fat Ika’s got you covered for both feedin’ and reaction bites.

Tech Specs:


Yamamoto Senko

Click on the picture to learn more!

I’m not going rehash what I already talked about. This bait’s ability to get bites is insane. Using it as a wacky rig bait can be like you’re almost cheating. 

It’s really great as a lure to use after the weather stars to warm.

Tech Specs:

YUM Dinger

Click on the picture to learn more!

Listen up, fellas! When it comes to post spawn bass fishing, the YUM Dinger rigged whacky style is your secret weapon. Why, you ask? Well, let me break it down for ya.

The YUM Dinger sinks slower than a Senko.  It doesn’t have as much salt in it.  This can be a game changer because it can stay in the strike zone longer and it seems to perform better for me in post cold front conditions. 

First off, post spawn bass can be finicky. They’ve been through the wringer, guarding nests and doing their thing. They’re tired, but also hungry. That’s where the YUM Dinger steps in, tantalizing those lethargic lunkers.

Whacky rigging this bad boy gives it a unique, tantalizing action that drives bass wild. The slow, fluttering fall, and unpredictable side-to-side movements mimic a dying baitfish – an easy meal that bass just can’t resist. It’s like ringing the dinner bell underwater.

And let’s not forget the scent. YUM Dinger is infused with that special, bass-attracting aroma that makes even the most stubborn fish take a second look. Your chances of hooking a post spawn bass skyrocket when you throw this tasty morsel into the mix.

Durability? Check. The YUM Dinger’s soft, but tough texture means you’ll get more bites and less tears. You can fish with confidence, knowing this bait won’t let you down.

Versatility? You bet! This bait works in various water conditions and depths, making it perfect for post spawn bass fishing. Whether you’re hitting shallow flats, grass lines, or drop-offs, the whacky-rigged YUM Dinger will make those bass go bonkers.

So, there you have it. Whacky rig a YUM Dinger, and you’ll be hauling in post spawn bass left and right. It’s time to turn some heads and fill that livewell!

Tech Specs:

Flukes & Minnow Baits

Zoom Super Fluke

Click on the picture to learn more!

This bad boy is a champ when it comes to post-spawn bass fishing, especially when rigged weightless style. You see, after the spawn, those big ol’ bass are tired and hungry, looking for an easy meal. That’s where the Super Fluke shines.

This soft plastic jerkbait has a lifelike action that drives bass nuts. Rig it weightless, and it’ll dart and glide through the water like a wounded baitfish. 

Talk about bass candy! And with its slender profile, it slips effortlessly through cover, tempting those wary post-spawn bass to strike.

Now, the Super Fluke ain’t picky about where it does its magic. Whether you’re working it around laydowns, docks, or grass lines, it’ll entice bass with its irresistible shimmy. And the best part? It’s versatile! Twitch it, jerk it, or let it fall – the Super Fluke will do the dirty work for you, brother.

Weightless rigging also means longer casts, perfect for covering water and finding those post-spawn bass hotspots. Plus, the slower fall rate keeps the Super Fluke in the strike zone longer, giving those lunkers a chance to chow down.

So, next time you’re on the hunt for post-spawn bass, don’t leave home without a Zoom Super Fluke rigged weightless. Trust me, you’ll be baggin’ hawgs in no time!

Tech Specs:

Modifying lure presentations

Slowing down or speeding up retrieves: The way you work your lure – speed can make all the difference.  Try different speeds until you find the one that works best in the present situation. If bass are moving around, try a faster return to make them bite. If they’re slow, slow down and let them look at your lure before they strike.

Changing the color and size of the lure: Bass are picky eaters, especially when the weather changes. Change the color or size of your lure if you’re not getting any bites. Sometimes, all it takes to get a bite is a small change like this.

Staying flexible and adapting your approach

When you’re out on the water looking for post-spawners, it’s important to be able to adapt and adjust. 

Every day is different, so what worked yesterday might not work today. 

Keep an open mind, be ready to change your strategies, and never stop learning from what you do. 

You’ll become a better fisherman and have more constant success on the water if you do this.

My name is George and I'm been fishing my entire life and love all things outdoors. My passion is helping anyone catch more fish. The newest things I've been doing lately is learning how to break down and clean all my reels, teaching my boy how to kayak fish, and bushcraft wilderness survival.