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Powerful tools of the trade for SERIOUS ANGLERS

We only recommend gear, tools, and resources that we use that allows us to be successful on and off the water.  There’s no hype or fluff here—just the stuff we’ve found essential to fishing and being a successful angler.

Over the years, we used our experiences and tested dozens of products, looked over hundreds of customer reviews, watched tons of video reviews, and analyzed what the professionals and experts had to say from popular sources like BassMaster Magazine and ICAST (world’s largest sportfishing trade show). We got the chance to to interview some of the company representatives to talk shop and get their take. Here are the critical few we believe in so much that we use them ourselves.

important disclaimer:

We’re proud affiliates for some of these tools, meaning if you click a link for a tool and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Our recommendations are based on deep experience with and knowledge of these companies and their products, and we recommend them because they are genuinely helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we may receive. Please don’t spend any money on these products unless you believe they will help you achieve your goals.

Our Most Essential Gear

St. Croix Rods

St. Croix rods are on par with any other rod in the mid-to-highend-price range. At a very reasonable price, these are clean, balanced, responsive, and robust rods. They load, cast, and have amazing sensitivity. These rods have amazing hand feel and can be fished all day long without the fear of getting wrist and arm fatigue or injury. Best of all St. Croix rods may be purchased for a fraction of the cost of comparable quality rods. They are excellent rods that come highly recommended.


Shimano is an excellent fishing brand. Because of their quality and performance, Shimano fishing reels are among the best on the market. Although there are other good manufacturers, Shimano reels are dependable and efficient. Since the mid-nineteenth century, Shimano has been a leader in fishing reel design. When you invest in a new Shimano reel, you can be confident that it is well-made and will last you years to come.

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We strongly recommend Sunline Super FC Sniper fishing line. In short, this line is fantastic. It’s dependable, abrasion resistant for the diameter, and casts smoothly across your thumb. Sunline Super FC Sniper line has a triple resin covering giving it its softness and suppleness, which in turn avoids backlashes. This line can be casted, flipped or pitched effortlessly on both spinning and casting rigs . Even better, it performs flawlessly on water and you rarely read or hear about any complaints about this line. This is was created for those who are serious about fishing and will not cause you  problems or headaches.

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