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Bonehead From Arizona Learns The Secret To Catching Boatloads of Fish!

If you would like to catch a lot of fish very quickly, this is something you want to read. 

Here is why: For those of you who don’t me, my name is George Servinson and some time ago I was a dead broke 20-year old who just graduated college, I was kicked out of my parents house (because I had to “make it on my own”), and literally had no money to eat. I was nearly bankrupt and couldn’t even pay my rent if I wanted to buy groceries. I was desperate.

Then, one day, I came up with a “crazy idea”… I loved to fish, I fished all the time as a kid, so I figured I could eat what I caught!  Problem was… I really sucked at fishing. 

I was living in Phoenix at the time and my roommates at the time just laughed at me. One guy said I was a complete bonehead and that he felt sorry for me. 

That just got me fired up, I didn’t care what that dope had to say. I still thought it was a good idea – I mean humans have been catching and eating fish for thousands of years!… It’s even in the Bible!

And guess what? After a while of learning and failing, and slowly getting better and better. I did start to learn how to fish and I did start to catch fish every single time I hit the water. And those lessons taught me how to catch even more fish which I learned even more lessons…

And on and on I went…

What’s the bottom line?  Simply this:  before I moved out, the skill of fishing saved my life. It allowed me to…

Feed Me, My Roommates & Neighbors All Summer!

As time went on, I was accepted into grad school, got married, had a couple of kids and started to raise a family. By that time I stopped fishing, but being so busy I needed some “recharge time”. I remembered how much fun fishing was so I gave it another try…

Traveling to the nearest Cabelas I bought myself a basic fishing kit… and I headed to the nearest lake…

Some days I would catch a handful of bluegill or catfish, it was fun but I wanted more of a challenge.  That was when I caught my first bass.  That first fish fought hard! Tugging, jerking, and violently shaking its head… 

I never caught a fish that fought that hard…

Now I Was Hooked! I Wanted To Learn Everything About Bass Fishing!

But weeks would go by and I would not catch anything I was studying, learning, and watching everything about bass fishing! I didn’t remember fishing being this hard…

I quickly realized how difficult and complex re-learning all the aspects about fishing was. I simply could not just head to the lake and fish for “anything that bites” like I used to.

Wife To The Rescue… (Like Always)

One night at dinner I was talking to her about how I really wanted to find a way where I could always remember how I caught my fish so I could replicate it when I went back the next time.  I did not want to keep struggling to find and catch fish.

I wanted to be able to impress my wife and kids. It was my wife who was the one who told me “you should keep a log about how to catch all your fish”.

The thing is I was hard-pressed for finding the time to write in the log… let alone keeping it actually organized. 

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I felt like I was just banging my head against a wall trying to remember all the specific details…

I’ll admit it… I had a lot of self doubt about making the log… Honestly, I had no clue if all this work I was putting out was going to be in vain and that I’d just look stupid in the end.  On top of that, I was super frustrated because it was taking me so long to finish all my entries!

I Found Out How To Catch Maximum Amount Of Fish In Minimum Time!

Needless to say, I continued to remember the techniques and tips that I kept in my journal…  I started to catch more and more fish and my confidence was growing.  Additionally, every time I went out, I would discover more and more patterns. I took those patterns and formed them into a template that I called a “blueprint”. 

Additionally, I entered in local tournaments as a co-angler… not to make it as a up and coming professional bass angler, but to learn from the some of the best anglers in Arizona and California!

I must have spent thousands of hours on the water learning from my would-be mentors… listening, learning, and soaking up every tip or piece of advice that came out of their mouths.

I would go home and watch hundreds of thousands of hours of past tournament footage and read all the post tournament results to gleam some additional information that could help me. 

Lastly, I was (and still am) subscribed to nearly every bass fishing magazine being published.  Again, I would go through it like a private-eye slowly matching up patterns.

Everything I learned I recorded into my journal…

Slowly but surely I was getting better and better….

I was using my journal blueprints every time I went to the lake, it wouldn’t matter if I only had an hour to fish, sometimes I could catch my “limit” (my personal goal was 5 fish) in as little as 15-minutes!

Often I would go home stunned… This couldn’t be real I would often tell myself.

After I put the kids and family to bed, I used my remaining spare time (even on the weekends) to improve and perfect the tactics and fishing blueprints that were laid out in my journal. It was jammed packed with tips, secrets, and patterns. 

After 2 years, 7 months, and 25 days of writing in my fishing blueprint journal, I finally thought I finished it.

Then In 2007 Tragedy Struck...

I can remember it as if it was yesterday, it was May and I forgot I needed to clean out the garage. To twist the knife a little it was raining and I had to move all the junk from the garage into the street for bulk trash pickup the next day. 

Furthermore, I remember the new Terminator movie was about to come on and I really wanted to watch it so I hurried as fast as I and cleared out that garage in record time. 

The following day, I was in the office talking to a friend of mine and we were talking about a local lake. He asked me a question and I knew the answer was in my journal. I put him on hold and walked to the garage.

My journal wasn’t there. I looked in my boat, not there. I looked in the office, not there either.

That was when it hit me!  I left my Fishing Blueprint journal in one of the boxes that I put out in the bulk trash! I ran outside and the trash was picked and gone forever!

I felt like I was gut-punched. I felt nauseated, my hands were clammy, my heart was pounding in my chest… this couldn’t be happening… but it did happen. I threw away my journal!

Arg!  I was sooo mad at myself.

Then, As If By Chance, Something Amazing Happened…

A couple of days later I ran into an old fraternity brother of mine who told me about how he and his dad had just bought a web server for their advertising agency, and would be selling web space, and talking about all about how internet blogs were changing everything!

After our talk, it was now crystal clear to me I had to stop worrying about re-writing down all my past tips and ideas on a piece of paper. And I could now easily record and save my secrets online and actually catch MORE fish, because I can access my tips from anywhere in the world! 

Having A New Focus And Pivoting

Over the next month or so I entered my thoughts, tips, secret patterns, and fishing blueprints on my own personal blog. 

As I was typing out all the information that I ever learned it felt like I was transferring water from one jug to another!

As a result I created an organized list where I could quickly reference my tips, tactics, and helpful checklists quickly and easily while I was on the water. 

Being helpful, a gave a few of my closest friends the password to my closed site…  I suggested they review the techniques the night before.  The next day, I would often spend time teaching them all of the in’s and out’s, and details of bass fishing…

As they gained experience and knowledge they started to catch more and more fish every time they went out with me…

Even more surprising, as I taught and passed on my knowledge to my friends, I gained a better understanding of the blueprints that I originally created. It gave me a deeper understanding why that blueprint worked one day and didn’t work the next… what to do as a plan B… and how to quickly recognize a bad spot from a good spot – instantly on the fly…

I was even able to add more tips and details that I learned along the way. 

After I started teaching my friends, I realized my catch rate soared over 110%!

I was catching fish every time I hit the water…

That was when I had my epiphany…  

It wasn’t until one of them said in passing that a lot of folks could really use the help and tips that my site was offering.

That’s when I remembered the quote…

"You do the most learning when you help others"

I instantly realized that I really could help a lot of people where were just like me when I was becoming passionate about fishing!…  They just needed a little helping hand to given an honest shortcut to start catching fish fast…

But in the beginning there was a voice in my head saying, “Why would they listen to you? You’re not a pro. You’re not fishing guide. You don’t own a tackle shop. You are a nobody from Phoenix, Arizona”… 

You know what? The voice is right… I’m not a professional tournament angler. I’m not a professional fishing guide. I don’t own a tackle shop. And no one (until now) knows me…

But that is okay. I can still help people. Just like as if you were a neighbor asking for some friendly advice.

If I’m not mistaken, there was a man a long time ago who was the son of a carpenter, who wasn’t royalty, who ended up helping millions of people, even to this day. 

There is no feeling on Earth like the one you get when you help someone in need.

Serving A Higher Purpose

In the Summer of 2020, in the middle of the Coronavirus world pandemic, I launched FishingBlueprint.com.

My plan was to transfer over my “secret” content and provide all the step-by-step strategies for everyone to use. 

Then I would repeat the process with different species of fish on various related topics.

So I started coming up with new and excellent ideas readers like you would want to consume.  Ideas like my Ultimate Guide to Trolling for Fish or my free Water Clarity Guide…

But I didn’t stop there…

I sat down and busted my ass churning out detailed articles, guides, and courses that my readers could utilize if they so choose.

I had so many ideas I just didn’t have the time to write them all down, so I reached out to some of the best content writers in the industry and had them jump on board. 

As A Result Of All This We Were Able To Achieve The Following...

Help hundreds of thousands of people learn to fish effectively now since they now have a blueprint they can use. 

Create an easy path for anyone who wants to branch out and learn about fishing for a new species of fish.

Assist any angler to create a game plan they can use as a tool so when they get on the water they can catch more fish and make great memories that would last them a lifetime.

In Summary…

Myself and my writing staff do not pretend to be know-it-alls, gurus, or stuck-up snobs not wanting to share our helpful insights… but just the opposite. 

We want to be your “friendly neighbor” or fishing buddy that you can rely on to give you great tips and suggestions that will assist you on or off the water. 

That’s about us…  that’s who we are at FishingBlueprint.com.