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In this section you will learn the best techniques and strategies to catch a monster bass. 

Best Techniques To Catch Bass Fish

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Professional bass anglers have absolute confidence this this bait for over 20 years! There’s a good reason… it flat out catches a lot of big fish.

Furthermore, you’ll be given “pro-staff insight” where thousands bass anglers overlooked – until now!

If you recently heard about drop shot fishing this guide is for you.

Bass fishing guides and tournament pros in Japan and America, uncovered something extraordinary. You’re about to learn their secret!

Bass anglers all over the world are choosing this bait to catch monster bass! It catches fish effortlessly with professional precision. Perfect for clear and dirty water conditions.

I give you everything you need to know to when, where and how to fish this bait and much, much more…

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Genius Crankbait Fishing Hacks Your Never Knew About

These crankbait tips will help you make catching bass simpler, fast farther air and hopefully improve your day on the water!

Neko Rig


Texas Rig

Carefully select the best Texas rig baits that get the most bites ( you’ll save money by not having to purchase baits you never use or flat out won’t catch fish… instantly have the best performing baits ) and much, much more…

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