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Tackle Stores Near Me: Phoenix’s Top Tackle Shops 2024

Unlocking the Top Tackle Shop Treasures: Phoenix's Finest Spots to Gear Up for Your 2023 Fishing Adventures

When shopping for fishing gear, bait, or tackle a customer always needs a smooth experience.  There have been sooo many times you walk into a store and the sales associate doesn’t know the answer to a basic question, seems uninterested in helping out, or does not carry what you’re looking for.

So finding a good tackle shop for the first time can be tricky. If you are looking for a good tackle shop to trust you might not even know where to start.

So what qualifies as being one of the best fishing tackle shops are open near Phoenix, Arizona? The best tackle shops in Phoenix should offer a wide selection of tackle or every skill level of angler. They should staff the shop with experienced sales associates who can point you in the right direction to help you choose the right products for any budget.  Willingness to answer all questions with a friendly explanation so no matter how basic the questions are is also a trustworthy characteristic.  Quality tackle shops should also be well-stocked and be open on the weekends. It is also very helpful if a tackle shop carries a variety of baits to cater to all anglers.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Below we listed several tackle shops in the Phoenix area.  Several important factors were evaluated in what makes a reliable tackle shop.  The tackle shops were called on multiple occasions. One as a “Spy Shopper” (so we would get a non-biased response) and the other as the owner of this blog (so we could get more detailed information).   Polls were also taken on local Facebook groups to give a sense of where the overall opinion of the different tackle shops.  

This is what we found…

Best Tackle Shops In Phoenix

  1. The Hook Up Tackle

2. Phoenix Fishing Supply

3. Liar’s Korner Fishing Bait & Tackle

4. Bass Pro Shops

5. Sportsman’s Warehouse

6. Cabela’s

7. Orvis

Other Arizona Tackle Shops

The Hook Up Tackle

But, why is The Hook Up Tackle a great tackle shop?

Situated in Northwest Phoenix, The Hook Up Tackle boasts an extensive selection of gear, tackle, and accessories to suit any budget. Established in 2008, this shop specializes in bass fishing, even offering hard-to-find baits and products from Japan.

For those who don’t live in the west valley or prefer not to travel, The Hook Up Tackle provides a convenient online shopping experience with quick delivery right to your doorstep.

In addition to the store, The Hook Up Outfitters partners with The Hook Up Tackle to arrange hassle-free guided fishing trips for bass, stripers, or trout at some of Arizona’s top locations.

In summary, The Hook Up Tackle is a must-visit destination for bass fishing enthusiasts.

The Hook Up Tackle Details


Hangups, but not deal breakers:

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Phoenix Fishing Supply

But, why is Phoenix Fishing Supply a great tackle shop?

Phoenix Fishing Supply, located in central Phoenix, has been a favorite among anglers since the 1980s. Long before the arrival of big-box stores, this family-owned business has catered to the needs of fishing enthusiasts with its vast product selection.

Our Spy Shopper found the staff to be incredibly patient and helpful, providing easy-to-understand answers for beginners. Notably, Phoenix Fishing Supply is one of the few retailers in the area that offers saltwater tackle.

Owner Gouty carries a wide variety of local and custom-made baits, lures, and terminal tackle. The shop boasts a large assortment of frozen baits like liver, sardines, mackerel, shrimp, and ballyhoo, catering to avid striped bass and saltwater anglers. Additionally, they offer an excellent range of saltwater tackle and gear.

But why sell saltwater gear in Arizona? The answer is simple: Arizona’s convenient location is just hours away from both the Gulf of Mexico and San Diego, California. As a result, anglers prefer to purchase their supplies from a trusted local vendor.

Phoenix Fishing Supply Details


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Liar’s Korner Fishing Bait & Tackle

But, why is Liar’s Korner Fishing Bait & Tackle a great tackle shop?

Liar’s Korner Fishing Bait & Tackle, situated on the far east side of metro Phoenix, is a small family-run business dedicated to providing the right gear for catching fish. Whether you’re targeting bass, crappie, walleye, or trout, they have what you need. The shop stocks popular tackle and gear brands, often at more competitive prices than big-box stores.

From the moment you step into Liar’s Korner, the staff’s passion for their work is evident. With an outstanding reputation for honesty, this welcoming tackle shop makes you feel like a local the instant you walk through the door.

Liar’s Korner Fishing Bait & Tackle Details


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Bass Pro Shops

But, why is Bass Pro Shops a great tackle shop?

Bass Pro Shops, man, it’s the real deal when it comes to getting your hands on top-notch fishing tackle. No kidding, it’s like a fisherman’s paradise in there – a one-stop-shop for all your angling needs.

You walk in, and bam! You’re hit with an insane variety of rods, reels, lines, and lures. They’ve got everything, from the freshest plastics to the shiniest crankbaits. And let’s not forget about the terminal tackle; it’s like Christmas for anglers in there.

What’s more, the staff knows their stuff. They’re a bunch of seasoned fish-heads who can help you pick the perfect gear for chasing largemouth, nailing those walleye, or whatever you’re after. You’ve got questions? They’ve got answers.

Bass Pro Shops Details


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Sportsman’s Warehouse

But, why is Sportsman’s Warehouse a great tackle shop?

Sportsman’s Warehouse, my friend, is another ace spot for gearin’ up on fishing tackle. You stroll in, and it’s like stepping into angler heaven. Rows of the latest tackle, gadgets, and accessories stretch out as far as the eye can see.

The variety here is off the hook, man. From the coolest swimbaits to the deadliest drop-shot lures, they’ve got it all. And don’t even get me started on their rod and reel selection – it’s enough to make any angler weak in the knees.

One thing that sets Sportsman’s Warehouse apart is the staff. They’re not just salespeople; they’re fishin’ fanatics who know their way around a tackle box. They’ll help you pick the perfect gear for whatever fish you’re chasin’, be it bass, catfish, or panfish.

You’ll also find a ton of informative workshops and seminars at Sportsman’s Warehouse. They’re all about sharin’ the knowledge, helpin’ you up your fishin’ game

Sportsman’s Warehouse Details


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But, why is Cabela's a great tackle shop?

Located on the west side of Phoenix, Cabela’s is a large outdoor retailer that offers a large fishing section within the store.  Cabela’s offers everything to someone who wants to get started in fishing, however will lack in stocking some of the more specialized bait and tackle some of the more advanced anglers rely on.  Staff are friendly, often seemed overworked and busy. On several occasions it was really hard to find anyone that worked in the department to answer a question.

Similar to Bass Pro Shops, the Cabela’s staff are knowledgeable to answer basic fishing and tackle questions. In 2017 Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops had a merger now carrying the same tackle and gear.

Cabela's Details


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But, why is Orvis a great tackle shop?

Located in two convenient places in Phoenix, Orvis is a well known national brand that is a premiere supplier of fly-fishing, hunting, dog related goods, as well as a massive selection of outdoor clothing, luggage, and travel accessories. 

Orvis also sells their ultra-dependable Helios H3 fly rod made at the Orvis factory in Manchester, Vermont.

Free In-depth fly fishing classes are offered to beginners. Instruction series will start in the Orvis classroom and will end in White mountains

Privately owned since 1965 Orvis not only is a phenomenal outfitter, but also offers guided adventures spanning from fishing trips, hiking trips, photography trips and so much more.

Orvis Details


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Other Arizona Tackle Shops

Hwy 188 Tackle

Bass Addict Tackle & Coffee Shop (New)

The Alpine Tackle Shop

Dry Creek Outfitters

The Hideaway Fishing Tackle

Lake Mary Country Store & T Park and Lake Mary Fishing Boat Rentals

Bass Tackle Master

Lees Ferry Anglers Fly Shop and Guide Service

Bottom Line

It’s so important to find a quality tackle shop that you can trust. And the list we provided gave you several options in Phoenix that will most likely help you out.

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