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The Coolest Lipless Crankbait DIY Hack You Don’t Know About

What would you do if the bass are stacked in 30 feet of water and are feeding on small shad? Traditional crankbaits? No. Jigs? Nope. What you’ll need is a modified lipless crankbait!

Look, using large heavy lipless crankbaits won’t work especially if the bass are ultra-finicky. But, if you have a small but heavy lure that rattles then you’ll have the perfect lure for this type of situation.

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Before You Get Started

Gather your items together that you need…

  1. Scissors
  2. Tungsten BB’s
  3. Cotton Cordell lipless crankbait
  4. 2-part epoxy
  5. 3/32 drill bit (for pilot hole)
  6. 3/8 drill bit (for BB’s)
  7. Leftover package

Tungsten BB’s are normally used for precision weighting of pinewood derby cars.  Another great thing about tungsten is that it is 1.7x denser than lead making it the best weight for this lipless crankbait modification.

Like using the Cotton Cordell because it has a flat back making it easier to drill into.

Remove the top split ring and the hooks.

Make The Pilot Hole

Drill the pilot hole approximately 1/4 inch behind the line tie.

Make The Tungsten BB Hole.

Using the 3/8 drill bit to make the hole which will allow you to fill the lipless crankbait body cavity.

Fill The Lipless Crankbait Body...

Fill the body nearly full with BBs.

Do not over stuff the cavity because it will not give the BB’s enough room to rattle and make a sound.

If you do want it silent, all you have to do is drip some superglue in the cavity and let it set. 

Fit The Top Cover

Using the packaging your lipless crankbait came in cut out a small section of plastic just big enough to cover the opening.

Set aside.

2-Ton Epoxy...

When I originally did this project a few years ago I was very skeptical about whether the top would hold.

To my surprise using the ultra-strong 2-part epoxy is key.

It’s water-resistant and super strong.  

I will also apply THREE coats of epoxy over the cover.  Allowing each coat to dry.

After The 3rd Coat of Epoxy...

This is what your lipless crankbait will look like after the 3rd coat.

The epoxy lays down nice and flat and does not affect the action of the bait.

It’s also clear and does not alter the color of the lure either.

Lastly re-arm your bait. If you’re the kind of angler who likes to switch out your hooks for short-shank treble hooks now’s the time to do it. 

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