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Funny Fishing Rules, Laws, and Regulations 2023

Crazy Fishing Laws That Will Blow Your Mind! #7 is INSANE!

Strange Fishing Regulations and Laws

As silly as hook and rod limits may seem, there are some INSANE fishing and wildlife regulations on the books. These wowzers include:

  • You cannot shoot at any type of game when in a moving vehicle in California. UNLESS you’re shooting at a whale.
  • Camel-back fishing is completely illegal in Idaho.
  • You cannot go fishing in your favorite pajamas in Chicago.
  • You can’t carry your fishing tackle into a Muncie, Indiana cemetery.
  • In California, unless your target is the Moby Dick whale, it’s against the law to shoot at any kind of game.
  • You can’t bare-handed grab any fish in Kansas or Indiana.
  • Kentucky won’t allow you to use your bow and arrow to snag fish.
  • Don’t chase fish in Louisiana city parks.
  • Married women in Montana cannot fish by themselves on Sundays. It’s also against the law for unmarried Montana women to cast a line alone.
  • You cannot legally go whaling in Ohio, Oklahoma, Nebraska, or Utah.
  • You cannot share alcoholic beverages with fish in Ohio.
  • You cannot travel by bus with your fish bowl-bound fish in Oklahoma.
  • Leave the canned corn at the house in Oregon. It’s against the law to use it as bait for fishing.
  • Make sure to tell the fish in Pennsylvania that they must bite your hook. It’s illegal to catch them any other way.
  • Speaking of Pennsylvania, it’s illegal to lasso a fish – sorry buckaroo.
  • You cannot use a lasso to rope a fish into your boat in Tennessee.
  • New Jersey men must put down their knitting needles during fishing season.

I don’t know about you, but these off-the-wall laws have left me with a lot of questions. I mean, Ohio, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Utah are nowhere near an ocean, so why the need to ban whaling? And who chased fish in Louisiana city parks? And what’s going on with the women in Montana that caused these fishing regulations? 

(Just an F.Y.I.: devote these little nuggets of weird knowledge to memory and share them with your fishing buddies on your next excursion!)

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