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[PROS ANSWER] Texas Rig vs Carolina Rig What’s Best?

So What's the difference Between a Texas Rig and a Carolina Rig?

For many, fishing is much more than just a recreational activity. Fishing is a sporting competition. It’s a way for man to outwit nature.

Numerous factors contribute to snagging a good-sized fish. Along with the weather and usual bait, you have to consider the type of rig you have on your line.

The Texas Rig and the Carolina Rig are two commonly used rigs for bass fishing. Both rigs will snag a bass, but how do you know which rig is the best for your situation?

This post will focus on a few key differences between the two rigs and a few simple rules of thumb to help you figure out the whys, wheres, and whens of a Texas rig vs. a Carolina rig.

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What Is a Texas Rig Exactly?

The Texas Rig is a lure-fishing technique that uses soft plastic lures. Your line will be threaded with a small weight first, then an optional plastic or glass bead, and finally, the line is fastened to a hook, commonly an offset worm hook. It’s an ideal setup for bass fishing. 

The hook is placed into the worm’s head region and exits around a quarter-inch along the worm’s length. The worm is then rotated and dragged up the hook toward the shank, where it is “locked.” To make the rig weedless (won’t hang up in underwater growth), the hook’s point is threaded back further into the worm’s body.

What Is a Carolina Rig Exactly?

The assembly of a Carolina rig is pretty straightforward. Add a sinker to your mainline using an egg or bullet weight. Add a bead behind that, then knot to a swivel. Choose a leader, both in terms of type and length. Tie on your hook (at least a 3/0 worm hook) at the end of your leader.

The lure is usually any soft plastic bait (popular choices are worms and lizards). You can also use a crankbait or topwater lure to elevate your lure off the bottom of the water.

Top Differences Between a Texas Rig and a Carolina Rig

Here’s a short list of differences between a Carolina rig and a Texas rig regarding weight placement, weight sizes, lures used, and glass/plastic beading.

Carolina rig

  • A lure can be anywhere from a couple of inches to several feet behind the weight
  • The sinker weighs up to one ounce
  • Lures can be plastic, live bait, crankbaits, or jerkbaits
  • Glass/plastic beads are mandatory

Texas rig:

  • The lure is directly behind the weight
  • Light sinker weighs up to three-quarters of an ounce
  • It uses plastic baits only (worms, crawdads, leeches, and others)
  • Plastic/glass beads are optional

How Are a Texas Rig and a Carolina Rig Fished Differently?

Texas rigs can be straight reeled or dead sticked (allowing the lure to fall to the bottom of the water with a partially tight line with no movement). There are an endless amount of pauses and hops that can be used. The action of your Texas rig will be determined by the fish.

The Carolina rig works on the same premise. A slow, consistent retrieve, similar to slow rolling a large spinnerbait, might be used when fish are active. When fish are a bit more finicky, you can switch to pulls alternating with brief pauses. You can also use the current to move your Carolina rig along.

Best Locations and Structures to Fish a Texas Rig vs. a Carolina Rig

Texas rigs are small and compact. They can be effortlessly cast, pitched, or flipped thanks to the weight near to the hook and soft-plastic lure. Their small size makes them ideal for picking apart cover, submerging in a rock pile, or traversing underwater bluffs. In other words, Texas rigs are perfect for areas with thick vegetation or cover. Texas rigs are best for calm, shallow waters.

Where to fish your Texas rig:

  • Areas of dense cover “”snaggy”
  • Heavy vegetation
  • Rocky surfaces
  • Grass mats
  • Any depth, although calm and shallow water seems best

If you’re more interested in covering an ample expanse of water, reach for your Carolina rig. The heavier weight allows for long, bombing casts allowing the lure to float over submerged grass flats or rise from the bottom and be carried by the current. Carolina rigs are also better suited for strong currents.

Where to fish your Carolina rig:

  • Offshore “non-snaggy” cover river/creek channel bends, main lake points, ledges, humps
  • Deeper bodies of water
  • Open water
  • Colder waters
  • Strong currents
  • Along the edge of a structure, but not within it

Environmental Factors to Consider:


You will find that either rig will do the job during springtime fishing.

Carolina rigs work best during pre- and post-spawn seasons. Additionally, most anglers will use a more of lightweight (3/8-1/2 oz) set up. Target water depth should be 10-20 foot range (depending on water clarity – deeper if the water is clear) 

The Texas rig will be most effective during the spawning. Most anglers will also use a 3/8-1/2 bullet weight to target spawning bass.


Neither rig ranks higher for summertime fishing, and you can see success with both.

Fishing a Texas rig in the summer you can fish it deep or shallow. 

Shallow water fishing with a Texas rig can target heavy cover “snaggy” spots such as laydown, flooded brush, individual docks/dock pilings.

You also can fish the Texas rig deep if you’re targeting deep brush piles in front of docks or deep on points. 

In contrast fishing a Carolina rig in the summer you’ll mainly want to target deeper bass holding over specific “non-snaggy” cover such as river/creek channel bends, main lake points, ledges, humps. 


Both the Texas rig and the Carolina rig can be dynamite in the fall. 

If you concentrate your fishing  around the mouths of creeks close to the banks where you’ll encounter heavy cover, then a Texas rig should be fished. 

If you’re targeting channel swings or isolated cover off the bank then a Carolina rig is your best choice.

If you encounter weeds the it will probably be best to go with a Texas-rigged minnow baits such as a Zoom fluke-style lure that mimic the type of bait that fish love.  Furthermore, if bass are not biting that, go with a finesse style creature bait such as a Zoom Baby Brush Hog.  A Baby Brush Hog mimics almost anything, a small school of minnows, a bluegill, or a small crawfish. It’s a great option to lure the bass out of hiding spots and spots with a lot of vegetation.


Because of the rig’s weight, the Carolina rig is the best option for retrieving deep fish during wintertime fishing.

If you know that bass hold in deep water, and you also know that you have the best chances in catching bass with a small subtle soft plastic bait. 

Your best option for both is going to be the Carolina rig. 

The Carolina rig allows you to get the bait down deep without sacrificing any of the subtle action you get when you fish a finesse bait.  Keep in mind it’s highly recommended you lengthen the leader for your Carolina rig to 4-5 feet.  

Clear Skies vs. Cloudy Skies

Both rigs are equally effective at snagging prime fish on clear, cloudless days. However, if you’re dealing with an overcast, cloudy day, you might see a bit more success with the Carolina rig.

Windy vs. Calm

Casting your line on a windy day will be most successful if you’ve tied on the heavier Carolina rig. The lightweight Texas rig won’t do much good against the heavy winds.

Both rigs will be equally effective for perfect casts on calm, clear days.

Clear/Lightly Stained Water vs. Muddy/Dingy-colored Water

Both the Carolina and Texas rigs will be effective in clear or lightly stained waters. However, if you’re fishing muddy lakes, your best bet might be a wide-bodied worm Texas rig.

The Last Cast: Texas Rig vs. Carolina Rig

Fishing can be exciting, fun, and extremely rewarding when using the right lure and rig combo. As an angler, you’ll collect a wide variety of lures over your fishing career, and what works for you might not work for your fishing buddy.

It’s important to try both rig types with various lures to see which rig will best work for you and your fishing situation.

Good luck and happy casting!

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