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Mojo Rig [Step-By-Step Guide With Pictures]

What Is The Mojo Rig And How To Fish It?

Is this just a finesse Carolina Rig?

I’ve been asked not to write about the mojo rig technique because it works so well. But I feel that time has passed. It’s time to give you a great finesse fishing technique that only a few anglers know or talk about and it’s called the mojo rig.

The mojo rig is an ultra finesse technique and is best used under extreme circumstances. The mojo rig is often viewed as the technique of last resort. A technique that anglers will use even if bass are not biting a drop shot bait! If the lake you are fishing just had a storm system blew through the night before and you’re left with a clear, cloudless sky and calm conditions, or if the lake you’re fishing is highly pressured then this is the technique for you.

In its simplest concept the mojo rig lightweight Carolina rig. It’s utilizes a weight above the hook with a length of line between them. However, after using this technique over the last five years, I made a modification that uses fewer items, it’s easier to step up, and it’s adjustable.

The mojo rig will quickly become your ace in teh hole and because it can be fished nearly everywhere and will rarely hang up on rocks because of its lightweight set up.

What makes this modification different?

The swivel was replaced with bobber stops. The bobber stop will serve two main functions. First, stop the weight from sliding to the lure. Secondly, stop the weight from sliding up the line, thus preventing the weight from getting wrapped around something.

Mojo Rig Gear

Here is a list of what you need. You most likely have everything you need already

1) Use drop shot fishing rod (med-fast, ~6’6″-7’8″) paired with a high-quality spinning reel with a smooth drag.
2) Fluorocarbon line.
3) 1/0 worm or EWG hook.
4) 1/8-ounce Tungsten weight.
5) Glass beads.
6) Finesse fishing or drop shot baits

How To Set Up The Mojo Rig

Used with permission – Mythik Lures

Step 1 – Gather your gear.

Note: If your drop shot rod has a braid-to-fluorocarbon leader set up, you do not need to re-spool, just tie off a leader line that is 6-10-feet long.

Step 2: Put a single bobber stop on the line and move it up approximately three feet.

Step 3: Then slide a 1/8-ounce Tungsten bullet weight down the line and add a bead behind it. Then add THREE more bobber stops.

The beauty of using multiple bobber stops is important. Otherwise, I’ve found your weight will push a single bobber stop down to the hook when casting. I’ve found that using three stops if the magic number.

In addition, don’t hesitate to use more bobber stops if the weight you’re using is heavier.

Step 4 – Final Step: Choose your hook and your bait. Use a finesse hook to tie off. Start with a number 1/0 worm hook then you can increase or decrease the size depending on how the fish react to your bait. Choose a small bait. More oftesn than not a good drop shot bait will work the best.

As mentioned before it’s best you use a drop shot bait because they can also be used in this finesse technique. It’s preferred to keep the bait under 4-inches.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right bait that will make the fish bite. That is why I wrote the post, Top 10 Drop Shot Fishing Baits You Don’t Know About, that was specifically written to guide and help you to choose the best bait.

Choosing a bait can be overwhelming because there are so many choices, but it’s so important to choose the right bait over the wrong one.

Read more: Top 10 Drop Shot Fishing Baits You Don’t Know About

How To Fish The Mojo Rig

Very similar to fishing a split-shot rig, the most important thing to remember is to cast as close the bank as possible and work it out slowly with short pulls and hops.

The bite will feel mushy and you’ll notice the line start to swim away.

Nailing the Perfect Lure: Finesse Style for Mojo Rig Success

Alright, fellow anglers, let’s talk about the secret sauce that gives your Mojo rig that undeniable allure – small finesse style baits. These little wonders are your ticket to bass paradise, and trust me, they’re not to be underestimated. Why are they so crucial, you ask? Well, let me spill the beans.

Why Finesse Baits Rock the Mojo Rig:

  • Subtle Seduction: Finesse baits exude a natural, subtle action that bass can’t resist. They’re like the smooth talkers of the bait world, whispering sweet promises to those finicky bass.
  • Downsized Delights: In a world full of flashy offerings, finesse baits stand out by being smaller and more realistic. Bass get curious when something looks bite-sized and irresistible.
  • Versatile and Tempting: Whether you’re hopping, dragging, or slowly retrieving your Mojo rig, finesse baits mimic various prey movements, giving you a whole range of tactics to play with.

Now, here’s the kicker – the finesse style baits you’re using for your Mojo rig? They’re practically the same enchanters you’d choose for a drop shot rig. Imagine having that same mojo working double-time for you…

Trust me, I’ve been down that rabbit hole and even penned a comprehensive report on the best baits for both Mojo and drop shot rigs. You want the cheat code for mastering these baits? You got it.

Unleashing the Cheat Code for Finesse Mastery:

Let me tell you, this report is the treasure map to unlocking the full potential of your finesse baits, whether you’re rocking a Mojo rig or a drop shot rig. I’ve dissected the best baits, curated the top picks, and spilled the secrets on their presentation. You won’t find this kind of gold anywhere else.

Picture this: you, armed with finesse baits that have the power to lure bass like magnets, creating a symphony of strikes that’ll make other anglers green with envy. It’s not just about the baits – it’s about the strategy, the finesse, and the Mojo rig magic that ties it all together.

Ready to embark on this epic journey to finesse mastery? Get your hands on that report, and watch your Mojo rig transform into a bass-catching force to be reckoned with. Trust me, once you unleash this cheat code, there’s no turning back.

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Best Locations To Target The Mojo Rig

1) Close to the bank, near a drop-off
2) Points
3) Next to large pieces of structure – docks pilings, bridge pilings, boulders
4) Ledges
5) Under overhangs – trees
6) Parallel to seawalls

Similarly, this is also a super effective way to catch fish during the spring spawn, BUT you have to shorten the leader down to only 6 – 10 inches.

If the fish are pressured. We will not add the bead behind the weight.

Be patient with this approach because it will work. Have fun and stay safe.

Getting Crafty with Your Mojo Rig Retrievals

Alright, fellow anglers, let’s dive into the art of coaxing those elusive bass with some slick Mojo rig retrieval techniques. We’re about to take your bass game up a notch and make those fish wish they never underestimated you. Whether you’re a greenhorn or a seasoned pro, these techniques will have you dancing the bass boogie in no time. So, grab that Mojo rig, and let’s finesse those bass like true masters of the water.

  1. Slow Drag: The Sneaky Seduction
    Picture this: you’re pulling off the slowest, most irresistible catwalk on the lake bottom. This ain’t no runway, it’s the runway to bass paradise. You cast out your Mojo rig and let it glide like a sultry dancer, mimicking the natural movement of prey. Drag it oh-so-slowly, and let the Mojo rig work its magic. Bass won’t be able to resist the allure, and before you know it, they’ll be on the hook, and you’ll be grinning like a Cheshire cat.
  2. Lift and Drop: The Baitfish Ballet
    Now, it’s time to perform the baitfish ballet. You’re about to put on a show that bass won’t soon forget. Lift that Mojo rig with a little finesse, just a hint of movement to catch their attention. Then, let it fall back down, imitating a wounded baitfish descending into the abyss. Bass can’t resist an easy meal, and this technique is like ringing the dinner bell underwater. Get ready for those strikes to hit like a thunderclap.
  3. Hop and Pause: The Suspenseful Seduction
    It’s time to add a dash of drama to your Mojo rig game. Imagine you’re teasing the bass, giving them just a taste of what they crave. Hop that rig off the bottom, making it flutter and tantalize, then pause. The suspense is real as the bait flutters down, driving those bass wild with curiosity. They can’t resist the temptation, and when they strike, it’s like a symphony of bass bliss.
  4. Continuous Slow Retrieve: The Relentless Rhythm
    Don’t be afraid to keep the groove going with a continuous slow retrieve. This ain’t a sprint; it’s a slow dance that keeps those bass on their toes. Maintain that steady movement, but sprinkle in occasional pauses. You’re giving them a taste of something they can’t ignore. The rhythm of your Mojo rig’s journey is a melody that bass can’t resist dancing to, and they’ll be lining up to join the party.

Cracking the Code: Mastering Mojo Rig Adaptations

  1. Weeds and Vegetation: Navigating the Green Maze
    Alright, imagine you’re making your way through a lush jungle, but this time, it’s underwater. Weeds and vegetation are prime real estate for bass, providing both shelter and ambush points. To navigate this green maze, give your Mojo rig a gentle lift and shake as you reel it in. This subtle action prevents snagging while mimicking a critter fluttering within the plants. And remember, bass love lurking in these weedy hideouts, so be prepared for explosive strikes when you master this move.
  2. Rocks and Gravel: Channeling Rocky Vibes
    Think of rocky structures as the bass’s version of a rock concert venue. Your Mojo rig is the headliner, and those bass are the die-hard fans waiting to rock out. When working the Mojo rig around rocks and gravel, give it a little extra flair. Bounce it off the rocks, letting it ricochet and create a natural disturbance. Bass can’t resist the ruckus, and they’ll pounce on that Mojo rig like groupies chasing their favorite band.
  3. Submerged Timber: Taming the Underwater Giants
    Now, let’s talk about those submerged timber giants. They’re like bass mansions, and those fish know it. But maneuvering around timber requires finesse. Carefully guide your Mojo rig, avoiding entanglement like a skilled tightrope walker. Your goal is to tempt the bass seeking shelter within the timber. Show ’em your Mojo rig magic, and those strikes will be like thunder in the woods.
  4. Docks and Piers: Stealthy Under-Dock Maneuvers
    Time to get stealthy under those docks and piers – it’s like a secret mission with bass as your targets. Casting under these structures requires pinpoint accuracy. Let your Mojo rig slink into the shadows, presenting the bait effectively where bass love to hang. Those shaded areas are bass havens, and your Mojo rig is the VIP invite. So, show ’em what you’ve got, and watch those bass come out to play.
  5. Drop-offs and Points: Playing the Depth Game
    Ah, drop-offs and points, the strategic battlefields of the bass world. Your Mojo rig is your weapon of choice, and you’ve got to play the depth game just right. As you fish along these underwater highways, mix up your retrieval techniques. Vary your Mojo rig’s depth and angle to match the mood of the bass. Adapt like a chameleon, and those bass won’t know what hit ’em.

Navigating Depths and Clarity: Mojo Rig Expertise

  1. Shallow Water: The Delicate Dance
    Imagine you’re waltzing through the shallows, and the bass are your graceful partners. When it comes to the Mojo rig in shallow water, finesse is the name of the game. Those bass are watchful, so your Mojo rig presentation should be gentle and subtle. Keep it refined, avoiding abrupt movements that might send them darting away. By adding delicate twitches and smooth glides, you’ll have those shallow-water bass twirling in delight.
  2. Clear Water: The Finesse Symphony
    Clear water is like a magnifying glass, amplifying your every move for the bass to see. In this crystal-clear arena, finesse takes center stage. Your Mojo rig needs to emulate nature, each action a harmonious echo of reality. Think precision, think subtlety – and those bass won’t be able to resist. Offer them a menu of authenticity, and watch as they strike with finesse and flair.
  3. Deep Water and Murky Conditions: Choosing Wisely
    Now, let’s address the uncharted territories of deep water and murky conditions. The Mojo rig, while fantastic for shallow and clear waters, isn’t the go-to choice here. In deep water, consider a Carolina rig or a drop shot rig for optimal results. The Mojo rig’s light fluorocarbon line and finesse-style baits might not cut it in murky waters either. For those situations, I recommend switching to gear more suited for the task, ensuring your success remains consistent.

Mastering the Seasons

1. Spring: Cracking the Pre-Spawn and Spawn Code Ah, spring – the season of renewal, when bass awaken from their slumber and set the stage for the ultimate bass party. The Mojo rig is your ticket to the action. As the pre-spawn and spawn seasons unfold, bass are on the move, seeking shallower areas and protective cover for their precious cargo. So, what’s your move?

  • Mojo Magic in Shallows: Cast your Mojo rig near potential nesting spots, like submerged brush or vegetation.
  • Gentle Approaches: Keep your Mojo rig presentation subtle, enticing those bass without scaring them away.
  • Bass’s Favorite Buffet: Opt for finesse-style baits on your Mojo rig, imitating their favorite springtime snacks.

2. Summer: Beating the Heat with Mojo Rig Finesse Summer’s heat might turn up, but don’t worry – we’ve got the Mojo rig finesse to keep those bass biting. When the water temperature rises, bass often head to deeper structures to find comfort. Here’s how you tackle the sizzling summer scene:

  • Deeper Depths, Different Dance: While the Mojo rig isn’t the go-to for deep water, you can still fish shallower drop-offs with your Mojo rig.
  • Adjusting the Tempo: Slow down your Mojo rig’s presentation, allowing bass to zero in on the tantalizing offer.
  • Sun’s Out, Mojo’s In: Present your Mojo rig in shaded spots under docks or around cover, where bass seek relief from the scorching sun.

3. Fall: Harvesting Bass Bliss with Mojo Rig As leaves change colors and temperatures drop, it’s fall – a time of abundance and feasting for bass. They’re gearing up for the colder months, and your Mojo rig is the ultimate fall treat. Here’s your game plan:

  • Variety is the Spice: Experiment with Mojo rig baits that mimic the flurry of fall prey, like crawfish or smaller baitfish.
  • Depth Transition Dance: Bass follow baitfish migration, so adjust your Mojo rig’s depth to match their movement.
  • Slow and Steady: As temperatures dip, slow down your Mojo rig action and let the bass savor your presentation.

4. Winter: Cracking the Cold Mojo Rig Code Winter’s chill may put you to the test, but the Mojo rig can still bring in the bites. Bass might be sluggish, but your Mojo rig finesse can do wonders. Here’s your playbook:

  • Patience and Persistence: Expect slower action and be patient – the Mojo rig’s subtle moves appeal to sluggish bass.
  • Ultra-Finesse Mode: Downsize your Mojo rig baits and use light line for that finesse touch.
  • Micro Movements: Tiny twitches and gentle lifts – the Mojo rig’s winter dance should be like a lullaby for the bass.


Isn’t there mojo weights on the market? Can I use a different type of weight?

Yes, there is. In fact, a mojo weight is only a cylinder-style weight. It’s the same type of weight found on small inline spinners. However, after years of fishing the mojo rig, I strongly recommend using a small Tungsten weight. Tungsten just works better. Tungsten is harder than lead so it’s more sensitive. Tungsten is nearly 40% smaller than a traditional lead weight so it gets snagged less often. And finally, it’s so easy to find and buy tungsten weights.

Can I use a weedless hook?

Yes, absolutely. If the area you know is free of any possible hangups you can totally use an exposed finesse hook. I’ve had HUGE success flipping dock pilings with my mojo set up via wacky rig-style using a small finesse worm or a Frech fry bait!

Can I use straight fluorocarbon line?

Yes you can. I know a lot of anglers who like to use fluorocarbon line when they’re fishing the mojo rig.

Can fluorocarbon fishing line get brittle in cold water?

No, to answer your question it does not get brittle in the cold, nor subfreezing temps of -35 F. That is why some companies actually make an ice fishing fluorocarbon line. Chances are your fingers would get brittle long before the line failing.

What is the best rod to use for the Mojo Rig?

I recommend a finesse spinning rod. Personally use it on the same rod I use for drop shot rod fishing. Want to find out what the best drop shot rod is? Go to my report, Best Drop Shot Rod for Bass Fishing [Review Guide], where I talk about the best drop shot rods out there and all the sensitivity issues I ran into.