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Everything You Need to Know on How to Skip A Senko [The Easy Way]

How To Skip Cast A Senko Wacky Rig | Dock Skipping Weightless Senkos

Nearly any angler can cast a Senko, (any other soft plastic stick work) with overhand casts, but one only the best have perfected the art of knowing how to skip a Senko under docks and other structures.

That’s the 15-second “how to cast on how to skip a Senko” instruction…

But there is so much more to it than just that.  Below I included tips and secrets to skip casting like a pro. So continue reading!

Key Takeaways

For most anglers learning to skip a Senko can seem pretty exciting, yet somewhat intimidating. Here is a quick and easy to follow list to help you get started fast!

  • Start with the rod tip pointing up to the 2-O’clock position, and with the Senko positioned 6-inches below the tip, with an easy circle swing release the line. 
  • Continue the cast and follow through by pointing the tip of the rod to the target.
      • Avoid missing your target by casting too hard
      • The best weather conditions to skip a Senko is when the water is calm.
      • The best locations to skip a Senko are under docks and over hanging trees and other structure.
      • A clear to slightly stained water clarity tends to be the best for Senko skipping.
      • The best Senko color combinations are based on the type of baitfish in your lake.

      That’s the 15-second “how to cast on how to skip a Senko” instruction…

      But there is so much more to it than just that.  Below I included tips and secrets to skip casting like a pro. So continue reading!

      WARNING:  There’s a lot of information about this subject you’ll probably want to come back to. No one expects you to remember all these tips. We know your time is precious, so we really tried to over-deliver in value for you. Additionally, we frequently update reports like this, so you’ll want to stay up to date with any changes or additional tips we include for you. 

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      What is Skip Casting?

      photo: CBS Sports

      Skipping casting is the art of casting your Senko across the water (normally underhand/sidearm) that it skips and bounces off the surface, preferably many times! Think about skipping a rock. 

      Anglers like to skip Senkos under docks and other structures because often larger bass will set up deep in the shadows to ambush prey. 

      Due to their location, they are also less pressured because it takes skill and practice to skip a dock because fishermen don’t want to either lose their lure getting it hung up or having it knock into the surrounding hard structure, thus scaring the bass away. 

      In the end these bass are often really big and less pressured.

      "The key to skipping jigs is hand-eye coordination and lots of practice."

      How To Start Skipping Your Senko

      Choose The Correct Senko Rig

      The best Senko skipping rigs are easily the weightless Texas rig and the Wacky rig. 

      Both offer their own unique presentation to the bass. 

      A weightless Texas rig has a great tendency to glide for a short distance then will start it subtle shimmy. 

      Where as a wacky rig Senko will create a lot of commotion as its skipping across the water and will immediately start the shimmy once it starts sinking. 

      Before The Cast…

      Hold your rod at waist level with the tip pointing just above your waistline. 

      Your lure should be dangling 6-12-inches below the tip.

      Avoid reeling the lure all the way up to the rod tip, it will not have the same accuracy once it has been cast.

      Start with two hands on the rod. One hand right over the reel and the other covering the butt of the rod.

      Casting with two hands will allow for better accuracy and control but it takes longer between casts.  Once you feel more comfortable, you’ll want to start casting with one arm.

      Open the bail and with your hand that is over the reel, using your pointer finger, pin the line to the rod. 

      Lay your finger lengthwise with the rod.  This will prevent the line wrapping around your finger as it’s cast, plus it aids in accuracy of the cast.

      Best Technique Skip Casting…

      With an easy, smooth motion with your wrist make a circle/rolling motion with the rod tip. 

      Try to keep your wrist at the same level at all times. 

      It’s almost like you’re flicking/rolling your wrist backwards.

      The smaller the circle the more accuracy you will have.

      Anglers who are learning how to skip cast with a spinning reel often think the bigger and faster the circle they make the farther their lure will travel…

      While that’s partially true their accuracy will be completely off!  

      As you gain experience, you’ll gain muscle memory and that will make you more confident to make faster, tighter circles. 

      Faster, tighter circles will give you the farthest casting distance with the most accuracy.

      Starting The Skip Cast = Start LOW

      An easy rule of thumb is to – start low, end high

      The skip cast is done in two steps…

      Start Low, means as you circle the rod tip down to the low 6-o’clock position, release the line with your finger and let the Senko cast out. 

      Additionally, the rod tip should be a few inches above the water when you release the line. 

      The Follow Through = End High

      Casting “follow through” means you slightly extend your arm and point the rod tip to your target 

      Doing this motion naturally raises the rod tip and promotes skipping. 

      Follow through after the cast is vital to casting accuracy.  If you don’t follow through your lure is not going to end up where you want it.

      Avoid “Short Arm Skipping”

      Some guys you may read about will tell you to keep your elbow pinned to your side when skipping… But have you ever tried to skip a rock with your elbow pinned to your side?  Yeah, it’s nearly impossible to skip even the flattest of rocks. 

      So in summary don’t “short arm” your cast. If your elbow stays pinned to your side and you don’t follow through, your lure won’t travel very far.

      Best Rod For Skipping Senkos

      Is A Spinning Rod Good For Senko Skipping?

      Spinning rods are more forgiving with learning how to skip with a spinning rig. Spinning rods overall are lighter, not as stiff as a casting rod, and typically have a softer tip. 

      All these combined make it a great way to learn to skip your lures.

      The best spinning rod for skipping should be at least 6’6” to 7’0”-feet long to give you the ultimate range. 

      It should have a medium-heavy backbone to give the leverage for setting the hook. 

      The tip of the rod should be rated “fast” to “extra fast” to allow you to start skipping senkos, jigs and other soft plastic stick baits with ease. Fishing a spinning rod with a heavy backbone is really overkill for this style of fishing. If you’re skipping a really heavy lure then you need to learn to skip cast with a spinning rod

      It’s good to pair your rod with a 2000 to a 2500 size reel. Just make sure it will balance the rod in your hand and has a buttery smooth drag. 

      Remember an unbalanced spinning rig can prevent wrist and arm fatigue. 

      Also, if you’re serious about wanting to get a quality spinning rod for skipping Senkos, make sure to check out this exciting resource right now! Click HERE to learn more.

      Can You Skip A Senko With A Bait Casting Rod?

      Heck yeah you can!

      While a spinning rod makes casting a soft plastic lure like a Senko really easy, it’s not ideal for muscling out a bass buried deep under a dock. 

      That’s why you’ll see most professional anglers use bait casting rods.

      But not just any casting rod will do. 

      The answer is straightforward: you’ll need a skipping rod that’s flexible enough to precisely skip the lure while still being strong enough to draw the fish out of cover.

      Several rod makers have produced rods expressly for this purpose to overcome this issue. And don’t worry, there’s a skipping rod to fit any budget.

      By the way, if you really want to skip a Senko using a casting rod, this is what the top tournament winning bass anglers use. Click HERE to learn more.

      Avoid My BIG Mistake!

      Don't Use The Wrong Lure

      Let my failure help you…

      When I first got stated skipping Senkos I didn’t know which size to start out with.

      So naturally, I bought several different sizes – 3″,5″, and 7″-inches. 

      In my opinion the easiest size to start skipping is a weightless 5-inch Senko. 

      A 5-inch Senko (or similar stick baits) are often heavier (due to the amount of salt they are made with), they lack appendages or odd angles to catch the water and foul the skip. 

      Both the 3-inch and 7-inch Senko’s were much harder to skip and often not have the distance and would cause a backlash on my bait casting reel. 

      A good rule of thumb if the more complicated the lure looks the harder it will be to skip.

      As I started to gain confidence on skipping Senkos, I couldn’t help but think about what other soft plastic lures I could skip.

      Go into any tackle shop and you’ll see endless rows of lures to choose from,.

      But choosing the wrong lure it will cause even more headaches as you learn to skip cast. 

      What Other Baits And Lures That's Good For Skipping?

      To begin, there are sooo many different lures that are great for skipping.

      To anme a couple of soft plastic lures, floating frogs (like Z-man floating frogs), or soft plastic swimbaits like a YUM Money Minnow will skip really well. 

      Fishing with soft plastic baits are much easier to control because they don’t have the flappers and appendages that are attached to the lure. 

      Those will create drag and drag on the water making it hard to skip.   Normally soft plastic baits that are smooth and slender are ideal for skipping.

      Want more? If you really want the scoop to all the best skipping baits that will land HUGE bass, this Free Report lays it all out for you! Check it out HERE

      Bonus Tip #1

      Correct boat position

      The position of your boat or kayak can make or break your ability to skip docks…

      Stealth is key with skip casting.   Keep your boat about 20-30 feet back from the dock. 

      First, the bass can feel your boat with their lateral line, so it can make them spooked and not bite. 

      Secondly, you don’t want to get too close and have your boat knocking and bumping into the dock, creating a bunch of racket.

      Lastly, being 20-30 feet away can give you the perfect casting angle to keep that lure nearly parallel to the water.

      Bonus Tip #2

      Think outside the box

      If you ask a bunch of anglers about skip casting, and 9 out of 10 anglers will say target the docks. This may be sound advice, but there are a lot more locations that you could target.

      Look past the obvious and find anywhere that is creating a shade canopy on the water. It can be an overhanging tree, semi-submerged brush, anything.  

      Once you find that off the beaten path location, target the deepest, most shaded spot. If there is a big bass in there, it will be hiding in the darkest spot.

      Bonus Tip #3

      Practice, practice, practice

      Take a morning or afternoon and dedicate it to practicing skipping.

      Yes, it will be frustrating in the beginning, but just realize that you’re not alone and that every angler has to start from the bottom.

      Every angler will backlash. Every angler will at some point make a bad cast.

      So don’t beat yourself up too bad… just fix your backlash, reel in your jig, and try again. 

      Best of all you can practice at home. 

      If your not convinced you can practice skipping baits at home, take a look at this…

      I created this Massive Free Report “How to Practice Skipping Docks At Home (In 5 Easy Steps)” because it lays everything out for you! Check it out, click HERE to learn more.

      Bonus Tip #4

      Recognize when not to skip a Senko

      If you’re on the water and the wind is howling and there are a lot of waves or chop on the water.

      Skipping a Senko under a dock should not be on your mind.

      You’ll only waste time and get yourself frustrated with fouled casts.

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