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without the feeling of being ripped off... or... fear of it not working as promised

NO, IT DOESN’T Require Spending Hours of Research, and Wasting Lots of Time and Money Subscription Tackle Services

(and BTW… NO it’s Not Asking Random People on Social Media for Their Opinion, Watching Countless Hours Of “Product Review” Videos On YouTube Only To Find Out Its Another Sales Pitch, or Begging Companies for Free Handouts)

Secret #4: 7 Disastrous Mistakes Most New Bass Anglers Make When First Getting Started... and... How To Avoid Them!

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Secret #11: Understand what kind of sonar you really need to help you catch fish… and… which ones are a waste of money and to avoid as fast as humanly possible.

Secret #18: Learn the sneaky ways rod companies will steal money from you... important "preventative" knowledge that could save you several hundreds of dollars!

Secret #39: The single most important thing you can be aware of when it comes to boating safety -- it's what your smart mind wants to do, but most people refuse to do themselves! (Yet it will save your life!)

Now You Can Pull Back The Curtain - TODAY!

Dear reader,

Bass fishing isn’t easy, let alone choosing the right products that best fits your fishing style… Why?

Because you’re bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, that practically forces you to buy products that are way over priced, or super low in quality.   

Worst of all, some of these products are near worthless and actually kills your chance of finding and catching fish!

I hate to be the one to tell you this but you are actively being ripped offand… the big companies don’t care.

They may talk a good game, but you know deep down… in the end, they’ll pull the wool over your eyes just to take more of your hard earned money.

My team and I know what it feels like to be frustrated! And we've been in your shoes too...

I have personally started tackle companies and worked with multiple manufactures…

I have uncovered that the little things they are doing to make it seem like your getting a good deal… but in the end you’re getting fleeced

And now with this information we wrote this guide to help you better understand bass fishing and the industry that supports it, and the dirty little secrets that no one… (until now)… is willing to talk about it. 

Do you have what it takes?

And the best part about it… it saved us thousands!  And it could do the same for you.

Now with this information you can become something the big industry hates… a smart, informed, intelligent decision maker.

It’s time to break the chains.  Are you with us?

I’ll see you on the other side.

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